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Sample Pack & Inspiration Kit Specifications

Triperman | 30 May 2020
Samples Pack & Kits


Good to know: A sample pack is a regular product with a royalty-free license which can be sold multiples time unlike ghost tracks and inspiration kits.
Also, be aware that it is strictly forbidden to resell a sample pack to anyone or any company.

Now, Dear producers, please read the following rules before submitting your sample pack.

  1. Sound design & Files Quality
    1. Avoid using the same sound (ie. same VST preset) on several loops
    2. Avoid using the same loop (pattern) with just a sound design variation
    3. 4 bar loops should be the standard length even if the loops itself repeat a 2 bar loop pattern.
    4. The loops should be moderately compressed. All other effects are welcomed.
      An additional «light» sidechain compression on a bass based on a kick can be used.
    5. No need to master the loops as you would do for a normal track.
      A limiter on the master channel is the only thing needed.
    6. All files have to been exported in WAV 24bit / 44100hz
    7. If possible, associated midi files are really appreciated.
  2. Expected sound folders structure
    1. The folder structure should be representative of the kind of instrument used.
    2. The standard structure generally contains: Drums (including Full Drum layered, Top Loops, Percussions), Bass, Drums, Synth (Keys, Chords, Pad), Lead & Sequence, FX (optional), One-Shots (optional), Vocals (Optional), Inspiration Kits (No more than 5 to 10)
  3. Samples and Loops quantity
    1. It’s important to have a balanced sample pack: For instance, if there is 20 bass in the pack, we expect also 20 to 30 synth. Exception for FX, vocals and one-shots for which the quantity is not important.
    2. The average size of the sample pack should be between 250mo and 400mo.
  4. Loops names
    1. The loops names should follow the same pattern as this one :
      Instrument ( bass, synth, etc)_Bpm (124, 126, etc)_Random name (ex: krush)_Tone (Fm)
      Example for a bass: Bass_124_krush_Fm
  5. Demo Track
    1. The demo track should include the best loops of the pack and should not contain any sound outside of the sample pack.
      Short sequences of 20-30 sec length are expected with smooth transitions between them
    2. The demo track should have a length of 3:30 – 4:30 min.



Inspiration Kit is a new kind of product that is proud to introduce in the ghost producing ecosystem.
Like any Ghost Production, it can be sold only once. That’s why the same rules apply to exclusivity and intellectual rights.

An inspiration kit is a short song starter between 30 sec and 1 min length supplied with all the parts in WAV format (Drum, Bass, Melody, Vocals, etc). Most of the time, Midi files of the melodic parts are provided.

Inspiration Kits are the best way to boost your creativity and make your own full-length track with only a little help!

We are happy to offer one of them for free! 

Free Inspiration Kit (Garage House).rar


Written by Triperman

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    Living My Life
    Giovanni Contrucci

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    Can you hear Me

  • play_circle_filled


  • play_circle_filled

    Giovanni Contrucci

  • play_circle_filled

    Dirty Dreams
    Giovanni Contrucci

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