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How It Works


Here are some of the most popular questions we get. We highly recommend that you go through all of these to get a clear understanding of the working process. If you still have questions after reading these, then please contact us!



What is delivered when I buy a track ?

Most of the time, you will receive a Mastered and Unmastered version of the track, all Stems (WAV) and MIDI files (Standard Package).
If a DAW Icon appears on the track cover, that means the project files is included (Premium Package).
In rare cases, the producer proposes only the mixdown & the master (= basic package). Anyway, everything is stated on the track detail page.

Along with the audio files, you will receive also the “Copyright Assignment and Release of Rights” document which guarantees the transfer of ownership of the track or the kit.

Each track is sold once, isn't it?

Yes. Once a track is sold, it will not be available for listening or purchase.

Can I return a track ?

No. Tracks are non-returnable. Refer to our Refund Policy for more info.

What happens when I buy a track legally speaking ?

Once you buy a track, the intellectual, mechanical, neighboring rights, etc… belong to you (100% of the rights). So you are free to release it on a label under your own name or publish it for movie or advertising sync. In each case, You’ll get 100% of the royalties from your licensee.

What is an inspiration Kit ?

An inspiration Kit is a short song starter between 30sec and 1min length providing all the elements in WAV (drum, melody, bass, vocals parts) and midi (at least for the melodic parts) to build a complete a track.
Like the Ghost Tracks, an inspiration kit can be sold only once and the same rules apply regarding intellectual property and exclusivity.

What does mean Basic, Standard & Premium Package ?

GHOST TRACKS : 3 LEVEL OF QUALITY gives the choice to the producer to upload 3 different packages :

Premium Package
Included in the download link: Master (WAV 16bits) & Mixdown (WAV 24bits) + STEMS, Midi + DAW project files.

Standard Package (Mixdown, Master, STEMS & Midi)
Included in the download link: Master (WAV 16bits) & Mixdown (WAV 24bits) + STEMS & Midi files.

Basic Package (Master & Mixdown)
Included in the download link: Master (WAV 16bits) & Mixdown (WAV 24bits).

Of course, the price will be adjusted according to the package level.

What are your payment methods ?

We use the paypal gateway. You can pay with a registered paypal account or pay as guest with your credit card. The payment gateway is secured and crypted.

Can I buy a product without any account ?

Absolutely, If you wish to remain anonymous, just click on the paypal button (guest checkout) and make your payment. You’ll receive your direct download link and your contract in your mailbox (check your spam).

I have Payment & Download Issues propose 2 payments mode, both powered by paypal.
There is the “Paypal direct chekout” which allow you to buy a product anonymously (no account required) and the standard “paypal checkout”.
Depending on your country or if you use a pop up blocker, you might have issues with one or the other.
To fix this, start to deactivate your pop up blocker. In a second step, you can try the standard “paypal checkout” instead of the “direct checkout”.
If it’s still doesn’t work, please contact us, we will fix the issue and you’ll get a special discount for the inconvenience.
In case of a download problem when you have bought a product. Just switch your browser to google chrome or mozilla. 99% of the time, It fixes the issue.

Can I use samples ?

No. All tracks have to be original. The use of construction kits, loops, pre-made MIDI files from sample packs is not allowed.
You can only use vocals taken from royalties free sample packs.

Can I remove my music from your site ?

Of course, you are free to send a takedown request at anytime.

What is your seller Fee ?

We are glad to propose the lowest seller fee on the market (22% commission) so when you sell a track, you get 78% of the total earnings.

What are the withdraw rules ?

Many ghost producers platforms keep your earnings for several days or weeks before sending you the money.
It’s not the case with us. Once, you sell a track, you get your money in 24h provided you gave a correct paypal account during your registration.

Can I sell the music I've uploaded also on others websites?

When you submit a track on our website, you accept our terms and conditions which state that gets the exclusivity to sell the track.
If we notice a track uploaded at  is also shared on another website, your account will be disabled.

What are the rules for the sample packs ?

Our Sample packs are royalty-free and can be sold multiple times.
Unlike other products proposed on, the commission fee is higher: 50% which is the standard in the sample pack market on the web.
Our submission rules can be found here.

Can I publish my tracks anonymously ?

Absolutely. Just select the anonymous mode when you register as Ghost Producer and you will not appear in the ghost producers section. Total anonymity guaranteed.

Why do I need to send my ID ?

We guarantee to our customers a high quality standard. That’s why, we might verify your ID if we have any doubt on a profile.

Do you have a fidelity program ?

Yes! More you sell tracks and more your seller fee decreases :
0-10 tracks : 22%
11-20 tracks : 21%
21 and more: 20%.

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    Boris Brechja Style

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    Groovin & Jackin House [PACK]

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