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Jeremy Sylvester : Face to Face

Triperman | 29 Oktober 2020
Jeremy Sylvester

Jeremy Sylvester is a highly influential and prolific UK Garage and House producer. As well as his famed solo work, he claims a huge backlist of remixes and has been a regular collaborator with many established dance producers. He also previously dabbled in jungle-drum and bass production in the early 1990s before his more permanent venture into mid-tempo dance music. Jeremy is known almost as well for the number of aliases he uses as he is for the quality of his output.
Authentic and animated by his passion for music, he’s a «multitask» guy proposing on a regular basis underground Garage House tracks, Samples Packs (through his dedicated platform : Loopwax), Tutorials & weekly Live DJ Set where others growing talents Mix the finest tunes of the UKG scene.

Today, I’m happy to discuss with him under the form of an interview in order to know more about the Man as well the Artist, his creative process and the philosophy behind his music.


Julien (CEV’s) : When does your musical Journey started ? What was the trigger ?

> Jeremy : I have a very musical family, my dad was in a British Disco band called the JALN Band in the 70s & 80s , so i grew up around disco, funk and soul music from a very early age.

Julien (CEV’s) : Why do you have focused your career on UKG mainly ? Have you tried other styles ?

> Jeremy : My style is very wide from House, Pop, UK Garage, Jungle / Dnb and more. I would say the Garage genre is where i’m more widely known, especially with my Club Asylum alias which had top ten hits in the UK and around the world for over 20 years. Ive also been signed to some fantastic record labels over the years such as Azuli Records, Stealth Recordings, Atlantic Jaxx and more.

Julien (CEV’s) : What’s the thing you’ve done for which you’re the more proud ?

> Jeremy : I’m proud of all of my works over the years, but i would say my time at Nice n Ripe was great for me in order to sharpen my production skills.

Julien (CEV’s) : What does House Music represent for you in 3 words ?

> Jeremy : Peace, Love and unity.

Julien (CEV’s) : What are the gear, DAW and VST that you use mainly ?

> Jeremy : I use Akai MPC3000, LIVE and Touch, SP1200, Logic X, Ableton and Pro-tools as my main set up with a Mackie 24 :08 mixing desk.

Julien (CEV’s) : What’s the philosophy you want to forward to your audience with your music ?

> Jeremy : All i want to do is spread positive uplifting vibes with my music and just hope people enjoy it.

Julien (CEV’s) : If you had to select only 1 track to forward to an Alien civilisation, which one would be ?

> Jeremy : Good question, i would say my old Uk Garage track ‘Making Love’.

Julien (CEV’s) : What’s your upcoming projects in Music or in the musical industry ?

> Jeremy : I love my work at Urban Dubz, my own label which has some fantastic artists from all over the world. I really enjoy creating sample packs for producers through my website www.loopwax.com.

Julien (CEV’s) : What’s your insight about that musical industry ? And How do you judge Ghost Producing ?

> Jeremy : The music industry, Its a dirty business, be we love it and it does bring people together in no other way.

Julien (CEV’s) : Final question, what’s your favourite quote ?

> Jeremy : Music is life itself.

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